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flay v : strip the skin off

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  1. to strip skin off
  2. to lash


to strip skin off

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Flay may refer to:
  • Flay Allster, a fictional character in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Flaying, the removal of skin from the body
  • Mr. Flay, a fictional character in the Gormenghast novels
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

assail, attack, bark, berate, bleed, bleed white, blister, castigate, decorticate, defoliate, denude, deplume, despoil, dismember, displume, divest, drain, draw and quarter, dry, excoriate, exhaust, fleece, fustigate, impoverish, lacerate, lash, maim, mangle, milk, mutilate, pare, peel, pick clean, pick to pieces, pluck, pull apart, roast, scalp, scarify, scathe, scorch, scourge, shear, shred, skin, skin alive, slash, strip, strip bare, suck dry, take apart, tear apart, tear to pieces, tear to tatters, tongue-lash, trounce
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